Many people in their youth enthusiastically read chess books.  Through their books the authors frequently become somebody’s first chess teachers. Reflection on the read material helps to develop chess views and abilities. The formation of my style was influenced to a great extent by A. Alekhine’s book “My Selected Games”. In many of his games reigned logic. Alexander Alekhine was looking not for certain moves, but sought to perceive the depth of chess, the logic of events on the board, and only then to find the best continuations with regard to the chosen plan of game.

The book offered to you, dear reader, it seems to me, is interesting , original and useful . It may help you to develop your own style of play. The subject “thinking in schemes” receives such a detailed and comprehensive treatment,
possibly, for the first time in chess literature. Such a way of thinking was used by many known chess players in their games with a great success.  In my view, you can develop your chess mastery by studying well-selected examples from the creative work of the world’s best chess players. The problem method of exposition favours better learning and understanding of the material. Undoubtedly, this book will be of help to those who want to perfect their play practice as well as coaching work.  I would like to wish the author success in her further creative work!

Vasily Smyslov, the 7111 World Chess Champion


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